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Mortgage Advice

We are here to provide free advice on getting a mortgage loan. Refinancing your current mortgage may help lower your monthly expenses and give you a little more spending money. When you refinance a mortgage, you usually pay off a high rate mortgage with a lower rate loan or mortgage. Usually by taking a lower-rate mortgage, you can lower your monthly payment by a good amount and have more money to put to work in other ways. Some people choose to refinance from a 30-year to a 15-year mortgage loan at a lower rate, which does not necessarily reduce the monthly payment. In some cases, people refinance to change from one loan type, such as a variable-rate loan to another, such as a fixed-rate loan. Since refinancing can have a profound effect on your personal financial situation, you should be well informed about the rewards and pitfalls. Seniors who do not qualify may opt to look into options such as a reverse mortgage. More info could be found on

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